Topics Covered

Get the tools you need to mitigate risk, keep campus safer and educate students, staff and faculty. Topics covered inside the Liability & Risk Management resource include:

Evaluating Risk

In order to ensure a safe campus, you and your staff need to be able to determine areas of risk and help others create a culture of awareness. You and your team need to consistently evaluate policies and develop new strategies and training techniques to make sure risk evaluation is part of the culture. Doing this puts risk management on everyone’s mind and helps prevent unnecessary accidents and incidents.

Student Groups

Students obviously bring life to your campus! They also give you and your staff plenty of risk and liability concerns to consider, from hazing concerns to athletics to service projects off campus and much more. Training student groups and student leaders to do their own risk assessment can lead to a more secure and safe campus environment and a more informed student leadership group.

Youth on Campus

Having guests, students, camps and other visitors under 18 — a reality for all institutions of higher education — involves complex risks and liabilities that need to be managed and situations that require training and documen- tation. Get the data and information you need to ensure that your institution is up to date and well informed and — most importantly — has a plan to keep the campus out of hot water.

Trips & Transportation Concerns

Leaving campus opens up a whole new avenue of risk and liability concerns, including communication and emergency protocols, proactive planning, campus vehicle use, driver training and much more. Uncover the liabilities and risks, and make proactive plans to mitigate those risks.

Alcohol & Other Drug Issues

Alcohol and other drugs continue to be a major and significant source of liability and risk on college campuses. Navigating the risks and mitigating the liabilities is tricky territory, with slippery issues like “party monitors,” BYOB functions, medical transports and building effective policies. Create a safer environment by examining and implementing policies and procedures on alcohol and other drugs based on best practices.

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